Jewish Cemetery Trust

Rookwood Cemetery

Rookwood Cemetery
is the world’s largest 19th century cemetery.
Rookwood Cemetery is owned by the NSW Government and operated by honorary trusts which administer specific sections of the cemetery. The Jewish Cemetery Trust (JCT) manages Rookwood Jewish Cemetery.

Located in the western suburbs of Sydney, it is accessible by highway from metropolitan Sydney.

Jewish Cemetery Trust Office

The oldest Jewish graves are amongst the earliest in Rookwood Cemetery, having been relocated from their original burial places.

The first piece of ground allocated to the Jewish Community for burial in Rookwood Cemetery proper was two acres and one rod in 1867 adjoining No 1 Mortuary Station. In 1881 an additional allocation of 11 acres was made.

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Rookwood Jewish Cemetery

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Most grave sites are now on line.
Photos of graves are continually being added. Contact the office for further information.

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