Jewish Cemetery Trust

Arrange a burial

Call the Sydney Chevra Kadisha (Sydney''s Jewish funeral parlour), which will arrange for the prompt removal and care of the deceased at its purpose-built premises in Woollahra in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. These premises are known simply as “the Chevra”.

Like the JCT, the Chevra is a not-for-profit organisation which charges for its services. These fees are additional to those charged by the JCT.

The Chevra’s volunteers fulfil the mitzvah of praying for the soul of the deceased while watching over, cleansing and shrouding the corpse. Meanwhile, staff of the Chevra will liaise with your rabbi or ensure that a rabbi will be available to conduct the funeral and the burial service. They will provide the coffin, organise the funeral, and drive the vehicles which lead the funeral procession to the cemetery.

The Chevra can also assist you with the purchase of a burial plot or the use of a pre purchased plot. When burials are at Rookwood Jewish Cemetery, the Chevra communicates with JCT on behalf of mourners, or mourners may choose to call the JCT directly.

Sydney Chevra Kadisha

+61 2 9363 2248
on weekdays, Shabbat and festivals 24/7. Follow the recorded instructions.

Funeral date

Jewish funerals normally take place as soon as possible after a death. Most funeral services are held on a weekday. Funeral services are never held on Shabbat, Jewish holy days, or public holidays.

The funeral

When time allows, the rabbi who is conducting the lavaiya will sit with the bereaved person/s to gather material for the eulogy. The Chevra Kadisha will arrange to transport the family of the deceased to the service and the burial and assist with preparations for the shiva period.

Bereavement support

Some people may find that they need some extra help to get through the mourning period. Jewish Care’s Chessed group is trained in counselling people before or after a bereavement.