Jewish Cemetery Trust

Organise a monument

Customarily held 11 months after the burial, the consecration may occur as early as three months. Before scheduling a date with your rabbi for the consecration, you need to commission the monument and ensure it will be ready in time.

Once you know when the monument will be ready, contact your rabbi to arrange the date of the consecration. This is likely to be a Sunday which does not coincide with a Jewish holy day or Australian public holiday.

Graves in the monumental section require a monument and covering. Graves in the lawn section have uniform monuments.

Monumental section

The fee to purchase a plot in the monumental section at Rookwood Jewish Cemetery is for the grave site only. The erection of a monument and headstone must be contracted with a Rookwood Jewish Cemetery recommended stonemason. An additional fee for annual care of the grave is payable to the Rookwood Jewish Cemetery.

The size and shape of the monuments are not uniform as in the lawn section. Photographs and images are not permitted. The stonemason will help you select an appropriate design.

Ask your rabbi to check the wording before sending the form to Rookwood Jewish cemetery for approval.

Lawn section

Rookwood Jewish Cemetery organises monuments for graves in the lawn section. To choose the lettering and an optional symbol for the monument, fill in the Authorisation for Rookwood Jewish Cemetery to Erect a Monument in the Lawn Section form and send it to the Rookwood Jewish Cemetery. For further help, email or call us.

The fee for a lawn cemetery plot at Rookwood Jewish Cemetery includes:
  • right to a single lawn cemetery plot
  • continual maintenance of the lawn
  • erection of a standard imperial Green Granite Headstone
  • an inscription of up to 150 characters (includes English and Hebrew)