Jewish Cemetery Trust

Jewish Cemetery Trust

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Special Announcement

On the 27th April 2012, the state minister for primary industries, Katrina Hodgkinson, made an announcement concerning State Cemetery Reform.

As the first phase of the reform process, the Government has decided that the non Catholic Rookwood Trusts would be combined into the new General Cemeteries Reserve.

The former Anglican, General, Independent, Jewish and Muslim Trusts have been dissolved and are replaced by the new Trust. A new board will soon be appointed to oversee the one Trust.

The Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria which manages the Catholic section at Rookwood, Rookwood Necropolis Trust (RNT), Rookwood Memorial Gardens and Crematorium and the Sydney War Cemetery have not been included under the new body.

In the interim Derek Williams former General Manager of the Rookwood Anglican and General Cemetery Trusts will act as Administrator until the new board is formed.

While the selection process for the new General Cemeteries Reserve Trust is underway, business continues as usual with all existing contracts and burial traditions being honoured. We have been assured that the sanctity of the Jewish Section will be upheld and that all Jewish values will continue to be respected.

It is envisaged that the change will result in a streamlining of operations providing better services to the public. .


The Rookwood Jewish Cemetery’s highly-skilled administrative staff manages the office and responds to the specific queries and requests of community members. Contact us with your questions.

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