Jewish Cemetery Trust

Monumental Care

NEW Monumental Care Service at Rookwood Jewish Cemetery

In addition to the regular grounds maintenenace undertaken by the Jewish Cemetery Trust, a new optional Monument Care Service is now available.

The service is being offered following many requests from members of the community, who, for a range of reasons, cannot attend to their loved ones graves as often as they would like, but would like to ensure that the plot is being regularly attended, cleaned and cared for.

Monumental Care Service

Frequency of the service:


Cost of Service:

$9 per single monument per fortnight ($234 per year)
$18 per double monument per fortnight ($468 per year)

Inclusions :

  • Removal of leaves and debris
  • Wash-down the monument and remove acidic tree and bird droppings
  • Remove weeds and plants which may cause the monument to be disturbed over time
  • Report any damage or decay so you can contact a mason to take appropriate rectification

Yahrzeit preparation:

In addition to the fortnightly service, and at no extra cost, JCT will attend to your monument the work day prior to a Yahrzeit to ensure that it is clean and tidy and ready for your visit. Please contact us (via email or telephone) three business days prior to your Yahrzeit visit and we will take care of everything for you.

To purchase this service:

To take up this service, please contact contact our Office. You will be asked to provide your credit card details (VISA or Mastercard) or a cheque, to cover the first 12 months. Towards the end of the 12 months, we will contact you to see if you would like to extend the care service for a further year.
Request a JCT Staff member to contact you.
Please do not put your credit card details into an email or a web form

Special note:

Given that weather conditions can cause your monument to be fouled between the fortnightly care services and a planned visit, we recommend that you contact us before your visit so that we may double check your plot for any fallen debris, bird droppings etc